The Obliment 1. 0 : : 2021

The Obliment 1.0 : : May 8th 2021 : : Illinois Centennial Monument, Chicago

The Obliment :: Live Audiovisual Performance :: On a rainy night of May 8th 2021, Dani Che and Galina Shevchenko orchestrated their first Obliment Performance at the Centennial monument in Chicago. In this meditative immersion Dani Chë performs a sequence of Soviet songs from the WW2 period, while Galina Shevchenko projects and Vjs her live animated video onto the surface of Chicago’s Logan Square Centennial monument. Its intended audience are random passersby. Through this performance, we explore the obscure inner monuments erected by some force in our souls. Meanings are constructed, de-constructed and conflated. We ponder the persistence of these inner monuments, despite the destruction of their context.
*** the "Obliment" comes from latin word "oblimo", which means to cover with mud or slime, to obscure and confuse, to silt up or clog.