Bloom : Fly : 1000 Kites : : 2020

Bloom Fly : : December 2020 : : Miami Beach, Miami : : 1000 kites

Bloom Fly, is a kite for 1000kites. I have developed Bloom Fly in the time of the COVID 19 pandemic, alongside a number of my “Pandemic Bloomz Projects”. while surviving, struggling, mothering, educating and enjoying the powerful surge of creative energy. Current pandemic made me realize the fragility, permeability and material nature of the concept of time. Rushing through the day, while sitting still. Escaping into The Within. Exploding into the multitude of cuddles and kisses. Portals Opening. Bodies expanding. Energy flowing in multiple directions, transcending time into materiality; overpowering with irresistible feeling of simultaneous failure and shimmer. Bloom Fly is a kite, a painting, a poem & a call for action in a state of urgency, attempting to expand and encapsulate an instance of bloom.