Pandemic Bloomz : : Awakening : : 2021

Pandemic Blooms : : Awakening Sping 2021- : : The internet

Pandemic Blooms are series of interactive AR filters.
Place the Bloom into your environment. The animated creature is activated by touch: it could be moved, rotated and resized, while the organic flower is hovering on the foreground. I have been developing Pandemic Bloomz animation series/Pandemic Bloomz AR in the time of the COVID 19 pandemic, alongside a number of my “Pandemic Bloomz Projects”, while surviving, struggling, mothering, educating and enjoying the powerful surge of creative energy. Exploding into the multitude of cuddles and kisses. Escaping into The Within. Portals Opening. My body expanding.Pandemic Bloomz is the state of urgency, urge to record, commemorate, indulge into every instance, enjoying the Still Ness, simultaneously feeling the finality of it, and not wanting it to end. select AR filters are available on instagram in my profile in effects section, and could be freely used.
@instantgalina in the effects